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In 1973, growing concern over deteriorating environmental conditions in Thailand and abroad, led to the establishment of Thailand's first institution of environmental education at Mahidol University, the Environmental Education and Research Project (EERP).

The Project's founder, Dr.Nart Tuntawiroon, was an internationally recognized expert in environmental and natural resource management.The EERP provided teaching and research facilities and served as a meeting place for environmental activists and authorities.

In 1978, the EERP was renamed Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies (FERS). The Faculty's goal is to contribute to the protection of Thailand's rich natural environment through research and the teaching of sustainable management practices, and through the promotion of environmental awareness in the communities.

The Faculty's graduates are now serving in key environmental positions in government agencies, academic institutions, the private sector and non-governmental organizations

The Annual Conference 2000 "Review State of Knowledge of Thailand's Environment and Resource Management"
Study in primary data in the fieldtrip
Study in ecosystem at natural area

     The Programme objectives are to:
  1. Prepare graduates versed in theories and practices in an integrated environmental and resource management.
  2. Ensure a comprehensive understanding of the complexity and interrelationship of the environment by integrating all sciences relating to environmental management.
  3. Promote understanding and enhancing an ability to link theories to the real situations to protect and solve the problem in a sustainable manner.

The programme aims to develop an integrated learning process from both theories and practices for sustainable environment and resource management. The programme emphasizes on building human capacity in solving environmental problem from systematic approach. Since the National Education Bill 1999 declares the student-centered approach as the key philosophy of the national educational system, the programme also expands its curriculum covering full-time, special time and internet-based learning modes. It hopes to produce high-qualified personnel in environmental planning and management.